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snow - 2016-09-21, 11:27 - ViewTube
Hi sebaro,

is there a way to use external player like mpv on windows. I looked at your instructions for linux, but dont know how to do the same on windows.

Thanks for the help

sebaro - 2016-09-21, 13:21
First you need a script that will be associated with the ViewTube protocol. Create viewtube.bat:

set video=%1
set video=%video:viewtube:=%
start mpv.exe [PARAMS] video

I don't know if this is good, I can't test it.

Then here:
Click "Activate" and choose the batch script.


Ford - 2016-09-28, 15:20 - ViewTube
Since a few days ago, nearly all videos on youtube double-play their audio anywhere from 1 to 10 seconds apart. My only recourse has been fully downloading the videos and watching them in VLC media player. Please advise; I would like to be able to watch the videos on youtube again.

sebaro - 2016-09-28, 18:19
Today's update should fix this.

Ford - 2016-10-01, 06:55
The issue with double-playing audio still exists, even after uninstalling and reinstalling the add-on and clearing my cache. Confirmed to exist on this video:

sebaro - 2016-10-01, 08:23
Where do you install the script from?

What browser and user scripts add-on do you use?

It's fine here in Firefox (GM) and Chromium. Rarely I can hear the beginning of the video and only for a very shot period. It depends on how fast the script is loading and if there's audio at the beginning of the video.




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