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sebaro - 2016-06-11, 10:33 - SaveTube
For Facebook use SaveTube+.


Paul - 2016-08-12, 14:14 - SaveTube
Hello Isebaro

Do you know why the panel in latest SaveTube was moved to the bottom? Happens in Opera 39 and Chrome 54 with Tampermonkey. Is it a YouTube bug?

Thanks! :)

sebaro - 2016-08-12, 17:38
I moved it.

Paul - 2016-08-12, 21:09
Oh! Why? Is there any option to move it back under the video.

I don't like it there at the bottom. :(

Thanks. :)

PS: I just saw it can be moved bottom left and bottom right.

Paul - 2016-08-12, 21:16
Oh, but it won't stay at bottom left. It always goes back to bottom right. :(

sebaro - 2016-08-12, 21:18
What's the problem with the new position?

The move button is just in case it's covering something at the bottom of the page.

Paul - 2016-08-14, 03:41
I was used it to be under the video. That's all.

It would be cool to have the option to move the panel around and lock it there forever.

I see the script source code can be edited and the panel position modified.

sebaro - 2016-08-14, 08:16
Where do you like it to be positioned? On top it will cover important parts of the page.

Paul - 2016-08-16, 02:05

Under the video, please. :)



aaaaa - 2016-08-16, 03:34 - SaveTube
I'm sorry to be ignorant of English.
When savetube and savetube+ are installed both, a problem occurs to those indication point of views.
For example it occurs in Dailymotion.

sebaro - 2016-08-16, 10:51
You have to add Dailymotion in the "excluded pages" for SaveTube+.

aaaaa - 2016-08-21, 06:08
Thanks sebaro.
But I revised a script to change the indication point of SaveTuve+ because I wanted to display both.

sebaro - 2016-08-21, 08:45


Sinpec - 2016-08-25, 06:48 - SaveTube
Will Savetube work on this site - ? Currently I am trying to download the highlight of football matches, but it is not possible?

Thank you.

sebaro - 2016-08-25, 08:40
Look in the top of the script's code for supported sites.

If the video stream is in the video page source code, try SaveTube+. View page source, search for mp4, webm, m3u8.

If the video is embedded from YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo, try LinkTube.




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