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John - 2017-02-19, 02:53 - ViewTube
I've installed VLC 3.0 with this plugin, but I get audio repeating/jumping glitches. Also, the seek bar of VLC disappears at first load and cannot be accessed. Any ideas?

sebaro - 2017-02-19, 09:31
VLC has issues playing back DASH MP4:
They say it's fixed but it's not.

I don't know about seek bar.

For DASH you can try mozplugger + mpv + DVL on Linux and VTP + DVL on all platforms. Let me know if you want to try these and have any questions.

John - 2017-02-19, 12:44
Yes, I'm on Windows platform. What to do? Thanks.

sebaro - 2017-02-19, 19:05
DASH playback is supported by the script by using HTML5 or VLC. If these are not working fine for you, there are other two options:

1. a video plugin that supports YouTube DASH, I don't know if there are on Windows, if there are, enable "DVL", this way the video plugin will do the stream fetching and will play the definition you select in the player options.

2. an external video player that supports DASH

You can try mpv + youtube-dl:

win+r -> %APPDATA%mpv -> Ok -> add in mpv.conf
see manual for other formats

Open prompt and run: mpv [YouTube Link]

If it works, see the script's page on how to use an external video player (option 3), replace vlc with mpv in the batch script. Then select "VTP" in the second menu and enable "DVL".

I've tested this with VLC for non-DASH and it works, the only problem is that it runs in prompt so it will open it on every video playback.

John - 2017-02-21, 10:19
Thanks a lot!


Markus - 2017-02-19, 18:23 - ViewTube
Metacafe is not working with the script and a pop up is telling me to report it here. I'm on firefox v45 with Linux.

sebaro - 2017-02-19, 19:06
I'll try to fix it, thanks.




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